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Our Partner's Data Centers In

North America

Phoenix, Digital Realty

Los, Angeles, CoreSite LA1 (One Wilshire)
Los, Angeles, CoreSite LA2 (Wilshire Annex)
Los, Angeles, Equinix LA1
Los, Angeles, Telehouse LA Center
San Jose, CoreSite SV1
San Jose, Equinix SV1
San Jose, Equinix SV5
Palo Alto, Equinix SV8 (fka. S&D)
Sunnyvale, CenturyLink (fka. Level 3)
San Jose, Equinix SV10
San Jose, Equinix SV11

Denver, 910 Telecom

Washington, Cogent Data Center 

Jacksonville, Jax Telecom Center
Miami, Equinix MI1

Atlanta, QTS Datacenter
Atlanta, Internap
Atlanta, zColo
Atlanta, Edgeconnex ADCATL01
Atlanta, Equinix AT1
Atlanta, QTS
Atlanta, Digital Realty ATL1
Atlanta, Digital Realty ATL2

Chicago, Equinex CH1
Chicago, Equinex CH2
Chicago, Equinex CH4

Lenexa, Tierpoint - Len
Lenexa, Databank -  South Lake Data Center
Lenexa, Cavern Technologies Data Center

Boston, 1 Summer Meet Me Room
Waltham, Cyxtera B01
Waltham, Congent Data Center - Boston
Needham, Digital Realty
Waltham, Cyxtera B02
Lowell, Markley Data Center
Cambridge, Lumen
Medford, Expedient 
Boston, Crown Castle
Somerville, CoreSite B01
Watertown, Evoque WTTWMABD

Minneapolis, Cologix MIN1
Minneapolis, Cologix MIN2
Minneapolis, Cologix MIN3
Minneapolis, Cologix MIN4
Chaska, Flexential Minneapolis
Edina, DataBank MSP1
Edina, DataBank MSP2
Eden Prairie, EDCMSP01
Minneapolis, Cogent Data Center 
Minneapolis, T5 Data Centers Minneapolis

Kansas City, Building MMR
Kansas City, Netsolus
North Kansas  City, NOCIX
Kansas City, Subtroplis Lightedge

Newark, Building MMR Netcentric
Clifton, Digital Realty 
Weehawken, Digital Realty
Jersey City, Data Verge
Jersey City, 111 TSP Data Center
Jersey City, Cyxtera EWR1
Jersey City, QTS Datacenter
Weehawken, Cyxtera EWR2
Secaucus, Equinix NY5
Secaucus, Equinix NY4
Secaucus, Equinix NY2
Secaucus, Equinix NY6
Secaucus, Evoque NYC3
Cedar Knolls, Colgix NNJ2
Parsippany, Colgix NNJ3
Secaucus, Coresite NY2
Secaucus, H5 Data Center
Secaucus, Evocative
Clifton, Digital Reality
Newark, 165 Halsey - 9th Floor
Newark, Databank
Newark, Equinix NY1


Las Vegas, Switch Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Switch LAS08
Las Vegas, Switch LAS12
Las Vegas, zColo
Las Vegas, LasVegas.net
Las Vegas, Flexential 
Las Vegas, EdgeConneX EDCLAS01
Las Vegas, VegasNAP/Fiberhub

New York, 111 Eighth Ave
New York, Digital Realty NYC3
New York, Telehouse Chelsea
New York, Lumen
New York, Equinix NY9
New York, Digital Realty NYC2
New York, Digital Realty 
New York, Digital Realty NYC1
New York, Digital Realty NYC3
New York, 365 Data Centers
Brooklyn, DataVerge
New York, BCS
New York, Hudson InterXchange
New York, NYI-WTD1
New York, Databank
New York, 325 Hudson Street
New York, CoreSite NY1
New York, 345 Park Ave

Hillsboro, Flexential Hillsboro 1 Brookwood
Portland, Pittock Bldg
Hillsboro, Digital Realty PRT1
Hillsboro, Informart Portland
Hillsboro, Flexential Hillsboro 1
Hillsboro, Flexential Hillsboro 4
Hillsboro, EdgeConneX POR01
Hillsboro, QTS Portland
Hillsboro, EdgeConneX POR02
Hillsboro, NTT H1
Hillsboro, Flexential Hillsboro 3

Philadelphia, Equinix PH1
Philadelphia, Netrality
Pittsburgh, DatBank CLE1

Memphis, Colo

Dallas, Equinix DA1
Dallas, Equinix DA2
Dallas, Equinix DA3
Dallas, Equinix DA6
Dallas, Equinix DA11
Dallas, Digital Realty

 Ashburn, Equinix DC2
 Ashburn, Equinix DC1
 Ashburn, Equinix DC5
 Ashburn, Equinix DC3
 Ashburn, Equinix DC4
 Ashburn, Equinix DC10
 Ashburn, Equinix DC11
 Ashburn, Equinix DC12
 Ashburn, Equinix DC15
 Ashburn, Equinix IBX DC21
 Culpeper, Equinix CU4
 Ashburn, Digital Realty
 Ashburn, zColo 
 Culpeper, Equinix CU1 
 Culpeper, Equinix CU2 
 Culpeper, Equinix CU3
 Ashburn, Sabey - Intergate.Ashburn
 Ashburn, Digital Realty 
 Ashburn, Aligned Datacenter Ashburn
 Sterling, CyrusOne NVA - Sterling V
 Sterling, Sterling IX (Tolson) Building 1A
 Ashburn, Intergate Ashburn 
 Ashburn, Digital Realty 
 Ashburn, Digital Realty 
 Ashburn, Aligned IAD02
 Manassas, Flex Data Center 
 Ashburn, Iron Mountain
 Sterling, Digital Realty 
 Sterling, QTS 
 Sterling, QTS Dulles 
 Sterling, Cyxtera IAD1 
 Sterling, Cyxtera IAD1 
 Sterling, Cyxtera IAD1 
 Ashburn, CyrusOne NVA - Sterling 
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. B
 Ashburn, Equinix DC13
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. G
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. E
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. A
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. D
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. C
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. K
 Ashburn, Digital Realty
 Dulles, Digital Realty - Ashburn
 Ashburn, Digital Realty - Bldg. P
 Ashburn, Evoque ASBNVACU
 Ashburn, NTT (fka. RagingWire VA1)
 Ashburn, Evoque ASBNVACV
 Ashburn, NTT (fka. RagingWire VA3)
  NTT (fka. RagingWire VA2)

Seattle, Westin Building MMR - 19th Floor
Seattle, Equinix SE2
Seattle, IsoFusion/Colocation Northwest 
Tukwila, Sabey - Intergate.seattle East Carrier MMR
Seattle, Equinix SE3
Seattle, H5 Seattle
Seattle, KOMO Plaza 
Seattle, Tierpoint Seattle DC1
Federal Way, Cogent Dat Center - Seattle

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