Who We Service

At EverGem we serve rural communities to include, but aren’t limited to:


Tribal Nations

Hospitals & Clinics

School Districts



Planning for the future is crucial. No matter the size of the government agency, you must take advantage of innovative technologies to build a better infrastructure for the future. Teaming up with EverGem will allow you to prepare for Next-gen connectivity. As the world comes to rely more heavily on internet connectivity for daily tasks and operations, dark fiber represents a great opportunity to plan for the future.

Stay Connected

EverGem provides solutions for government agencies to bring telecom continuity of operation planning systems. Our expertise in route planning and building infrastructure of dark fiber provides secure dedicated bandwidth linking numerous government agencies together.  EverGem’s low latency solution is crucial for agencies who depend on fast communication between different point to point communications portals or between large data centers that need to communicate with each other quickly and seamlessly.

Invest In Education

The education world is evolving quickly. Connectivity is a core building block for education to keep evolving. More and more educators are relying on staying connected for that interactive educational experience for remote learning. Invest in EverGem and invest in the future of education. We can build an infrastructure to keep up with the growing demand for connectivity.

A Secure Reliable Network

Security and reliability are top priority for government agencies when it comes to their telecom systems. Dark fiber networks are as secure as it gets. Dark fiber networks are privately owned and operated; outside entities cannot track or record information on this network. Dark fiber networks offer a reliable, flexible, and high-speed bandwidth service.