The Process

The Process


While each and every project is unique and treated as such, our process is designed to be flexible enough to adapt to your needs ensuring successful completion.

Each project starts with a thorough evaluation of your needs coupled with a solid list of goals you'd like to achieve during the project.  We work diligently to identify any shortfalls that could happen along the way to achieving those goals at each milestone during the project.

Common issues and delays during fiber installation usually pop up during the land usage agreement portion. Our team has over a decade of experience negotiating such agreements. This saves us weeks and sometimes even months of delays over the competition.

Once the fiber is installed, we do comprehensive testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards so the fiber will flawlessly support any customer equipment used on day 1.

Lastly, our network engineers work hand-in-hand with client staff to complete connectivity setup and testing.

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