We Are The future In Dark Fiber Infrastructure And Networks

Because of the demand for high-bandwidth and faster networks; businesses, healthcare systems, government organizations, and educational institutions are turning toward dark fiber for the solution. EverGem is the expert in laying down the infrastructure for dark fiber networks. We design, construct and maintain custom fiber networks for those who need low latency and scalable bandwidth capabilities. Our knowledge and experience make EverGem the future of dark fiber networks.


You have your own private network to avoid any outside network traffic and security issues.


You can light it with your equipment giving you complete control to manage your network as you want. If you don’t have the technical expertise to manage dark fiber, we do. We can help you with this solution


Dark fiber is scalable with virtually unlimited bandwidth restrictions.  


Dark fiber is highly adaptable and works with any optical equipment and basically has no limit on applications. 

Expand Your Network's Possibilities With Dark Fiber

Let EverGem help you stay ahead of internal and external data needs with a custom-built dark fibers network. We design and construct dark fiber network solutions where you need them. Because our network demand expands every day, dark fiber networks allow us to access more markets, towers, buildings, and data centers faster than the competition.

Why EverGem

At EverGem, we are known for our expertise. We design, build and maintain network infrastructures to address the ever-growing demand of bandwidth. EverGem gives you total control with no equipment or protocol restrictions. We can provide the fiber for you to light with whatever equipment you want or are happy to explore leasing options with you. However, you wish to proceed the result is your own ultra-fast, private network.