Our Mission


EverGem’s mission is to build fiber networks, with actual open access to all service providers, that will bring broadband choice and competition to underserved rural communities by being fair, innovative, and honest.

Rural Connectivity

To fulfill our mission, we have developed long-haul designs that allow us to bring dark fiber to rural communities cost-effectively and truly open for use by any carrier who wants to bring broadband to these communities.  This is an ideal offering for many types of public or private organizations, local governments, and state agencies.

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  • Tribal nations

    We can provide large capacity point-to-point connectivity for broadband providers for tribal nations.

  • Telemedicine

    Telemedicine requires high-capacity and high-availability connectivity with full control of network devices either end. 

  • Tele-Education

    With online education becoming more ubiquitous, high-throughput for large networks is becoming a necessity.

Rural Connectivity

Large areas of the Pacific-Northwest are underserved when it comes to high-speed Internet service providers. We feel competition in this market benefits the end-user and we're here to help bring the dark fiber infrastructure to these areas so the service providers can service these areas.

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