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Network Aggregator Vs. Network Operator

Understanding The Difference

When it comes to telecommunications, it's essential to understand the distinction between a network aggregator and a network operator. While both play crucial roles in facilitating internet connections, they operate in distinct ways. Let's explore what sets them apart.

What is a Network Operator?

A network operator is a telecommunications company that possesses physical infrastructure within telephone exchanges. This infrastructure serves as the foundation for establishing and maintaining internet connections. Network operators are responsible for the physical components that make up the underlying network infrastructure.

Typically, network operators own and manage a range of telecommunications equipment, including fiber optic cables, routers, switches, and other physical devices. They invest heavily in building and maintaining this infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity for their customers. Network operators also secure licenses and regulatory approvals necessary to provide telecommunications services.

What is a Network Aggregator?

In contrast, a network aggregator operates differently. Rather than having physical equipment within exchanges, a network aggregator establishes relationships with multiple carriers in a wholesale model that enables us the ability to be competitive in the markets we serve.

Our role as a network aggregator is to consolidate and streamline access to multiple carriers' networks. By partnering with various network operators, we have extended our reach and connectivity options beyond the limitations of a single carrier. This allows us to offer enhanced flexibility, scalability, and network coverage to our customers.


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Interconnections and Buying Power

The key advantage of EverGem as your network aggregator lies in our interconnections and buying power. We interconnect with multiple network operators; we can tap into the combined resources and capabilities of these carriers. This results in increased redundancy, improved resilience, and a broader geographical reach for connectivity services.

Partnering with us as your Network aggregators, we can leverage our purchasing volume and negotiating power to secure favorable pricing and terms from network operators. We simplify the procurement process for our customers by acting as a single point of contact. This means that organizations seeking network services can avoid the complexities of negotiating contracts and managing relationships with multiple carriers.

Collaborating with EverGem, a network aggregator, offers several benefits to your business seeking reliable and cost-effective connectivity solutions. By leveraging the interconnections and buying power, businesses can expand their network reach, enhance redundancy, and access a wider range of carrier services.

We specialize in providing comprehensive network aggregator services. With our extensive network of carrier partnerships, we simplify your connectivity requirements, offering you a seamless and efficient solution. By working with us, you can enhance your network capabilities while enjoying cost savings, improved scalability, and simplified supplier management.

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