About Us



EverGem’s mission is to build fiber networks, with actual open access to all service providers, that will bring broadband choice and competition to underserved rural communities by being fair, innovative, and honest.


EverGem understands the needs of carriers in rural communities. The carriers need to support high bandwidth demands but do not have a transport network capable of handling the growing demand. They are faced with a decision to either build it themselves, pay high-priced leases to large carriers or they simply walk away from opportunities.  EverGem will be the rural “carrier’s carrier” in the Pacific Northwest.


Meet OUr team

Brian Tew


Brian has over 23 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He has served in various management positions for access management, sales, business development and product management where he led teams tasked with growing and expanding fiber networks throughout the Western United States. While at Zayo he experienced first-hand the cost and complexity of building and managing long-haul dark networks. Brian believes that honesty and integrity are the foundational keys to any successful relationship or business. Outside of work he’s an avid soccer fan and took his passion for the sport and coached premier youth soccer where he tried to pass that passion for the sport along to the kids he coached.



James has over 25 years in telecom with experience building and constructing fiber networks in the Pacific Northwest, over 10 years leading a team of sales engineers that specialized in all product (Transport, VOIP, Cloud, Security) to Business Development specializing in dark fiber and higher layer transport options. In his spare time, James enjoys camping with his family & friends and enjoys traveling and seeing the world.

Jason Holmes

VP Outside Plant

Jason’s first role in telecom started as a fiber splicer in the Pacific Northwest. He brings over 20 years of outside plant experience to the EverGem team. Prior to joining EverGem he was managing some of the largest hyperscale builds on the east coast. Jason’s passion outside of work include snowmobiling in the winter and exploring the mountains in the summer.