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EverGem is a leading aggregator of telecom services, specializing in streamlining the complexities of pricing, purchasing, and delivering local access to end-users. Our innovative Layer 2 aggregation model allows for the seamless integration of multiple access circuits onto a single platform, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution.


Your Partner in Expanding Markets

With EverGem, you can quickly expand into new markets without the need for significant capital expenditure. Our comprehensive network infrastructure is capable of supporting a wide range of access technologies, from the latest Wave products to legacy Frame Relay and point-to-point T1s. We aggregate these diverse technologies into a single Network to Network Interface (NNI), bringing simplicity to your network management.

Your Trusted



Network Aggregator

Our role as your network aggregator is to consolidate and streamline access to multiple carriers' networks. By partnering with various network operators, an aggregator extends its reach and connectivity options beyond the limitations of a single carrier. This allows the us to offer enhanced flexibility, scalability, and network coverage to its customers.


Telecom Aggregator

Our Telecom Aggregator service handles the complexities of your telecom operations and lets you focus on your core business activities. By outsourcing these tasks to our experienced team, you can redirect your resources towards strategic initiatives and critical functions, enhancing productivity and driving business growth.

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Aggregator Services

Ethernet Services
Telecom Services

A service for Telecom simplifies the user experience by consolidating information, services, and support from various Telecom operators into a single platform, providing convenience, choice, and efficiency to customers.

Network Services

A service that consolidates and offers a range of Telecom network services from multiple providers in one convenient place. It allows users to compare and access various network options such as mobile plans or broadband connections, enabling them to make informed decisions based on their specific needs.

Wavelength Services

A specialized service that brings together and offers a diverse range of wavelength services from multiple Telecom providers. It acts as a facilitator, allowing users to easily compare, select, and access wavelength services for their specific communication and network needs.

Ethernet Services (ELINE)
Ethernet Services ELINE

An Ethernet Services (ELINE) aggregator service offers convenience, cost savings, and time efficiency for businesses in need of reliable and scalable Ethernet connectivity solutions.

Multiprotocol Label Switching

Using an aggregator with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) can bring several benefits to the network infrastructure. It can simplify management, enhance flexibility, optimize costs, improve performance, and streamline billing processes for businesses.

Multi-Cloud Network
Multi-Point to Multi-Point

Our Service can bring several benefits: centralized visibility, simplified network operations, improved traffic optimization, enhanced security, vendor independence, and cost optimization.

Ethernet Services
Ethernet Services

By leveraging the capabilities of our Ethernet services, organizations can optimize their network performance, enhance reliability, and simplify management, ultimately improving their overall network infrastructure.

Focus on Your Business

Let Us Handle the Rest

At EverGem, we understand that you need to focus on your core business. That's why we take care of all equipment points of presence, long-haul circuits, and carrier management while delivering your end-user circuits to the NNI. We work diligently behind the scenes to manage carriers, their agreements, cross-connects, and deployments, so you don't have to.


Contract negotiation
Network Management
Infrastructure and network sourcing
Data center solutions
Network optimization
Telecom expense and cost reduction.
Grant writing service
Erate Consultancy

A Single Provider

A Unified Experience

Simplify your telecom and network management with EverGem. By choosing us as your aggregator, you gain the benefits of working with a single provider. Enjoy the convenience of receiving one invoice and contacting one dedicated support team. Our goal is to make your telecom and network operations as smooth and hassle-free as possible.



Content Providers

Point to Point Services for big bandwidth users.


Gaming and Technology

Point to Point Services for big bandwidth users.



Point to Point and Network Services for low latency routes and high bandwidth users.



Point to Point and Network Services, along with consulting services, telecom expense management, network planning, and broadband grant writing.



Point to Point and Network Services, consulting services, telecom expense management, network planning, and broadband grant writing.



Point to Point and Network Services
for private dedicated networks, meshed networks, and multi-location


WISP's and Rural ISP's

Point to Point Services for accessing tier 1 markets carrier hotel, free and paid peering, and better connections to content/streaming providers.



Point to Point and Network Services, consulting services, telecom expense management, network planning, and broadband grant writing.


About Us

EverGem is a leading telecom and network aggregator, revolutionizing the industry through innovative solutions and cost-effective services. With a commitment to providing seamless telecommunications and network solutions, EverGem bridges the gap between technology providers and businesses, optimizing connectivity and driving efficiency.

Our mission is to empower businesses with seamless telecommunications and network solutions. We strive to be the leading aggregator, offering comprehensive services in network planning, infrastructure and sourcing, data center solutions, network optimization, grant writing, and Erate services. By enabling our clients to achieve their connectivity goals, we help drive efficiency and enhance their competitive edge.

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